Today, we are going to talk about 2 excellent ball security drills – the “Two Sided Strip” drill and the “Toss Sideline” drill.

“Two Sided Strip” Ball Security Drill

The thing that makes this ball security drill different is the football is on both the right and the left side. You have two footballs and two defenders trying to strip the ball, getting the running back to focus on ball security for two footballs, with five-point security, and two defenders trying to strip the ball. One on each side. So it is challenging. It requires the running back to use both hands equally and to work ball security on both hands.

“Toss Sideline”  Ball Security Drill

In this ball security drill, we want the running back to stay in bounds and square up when he gets to the sideline and not be forced out of bounds.

This is not simulating a two-minute drill. This is in the middle of the game when we want every yard possible in our run. He’s taking a toss and he’s trying to square up when he gets to the bottom of the numbers and stay in bounds.

You’re working on ball transfer as well, along with squaring up and staying in bounds and not being forced out of bounds.


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