In today’s video blog post, we are talking about Run Play Drills that focuses on block reaction by working on base fundamental blocks. Great block reaction drills, such as the “Anti Base Drill”, “Anti Reach Drill”, “Anti Scoop Drill” and many others are discussed in detail. Incorporate these drills into your football practice plan and watch your defensive line explode!

Block Reaction Run Play Drills

In these run play drills, we are talking about block reaction drills, where we have a tackle and a tight end and using a shaded five technique, and we are going to work on base fundamental blocks.

Anti Base Drill

First, we start with just a good base block.

Anti Reach Drill

Next, we are going to work on a reach block, where the offensive tackle is trying to reach the five technique.

Anti Scoop Drill

The next drill we are going to work on is a scoop drill, where the offensive tackle tries climb up to our eighth hat in out eight man front. You want to try to keep that tackle off of the eighth hat, using base fundamentals and shooting those hands to the chest plate.

The second block we will see is the offensive tackle running out of the formation, climbing and not allowing you to get your hands on him. In this instance, you want to control your gap and run your feet down in there. Your job is to stay in that C-gap and bounce that ball all the way back to the unblocked player.

Anti Double Team Drill

In this next drill, we are focusing on a double team with a tackle chip into the back side linebacker. Our base fundamental teaching here is to attack our key – the post, we’re going to turn and get small and try to hold onto that tackle. The key here is to maintain the integrity of the defense. We do not want to get knocked off the ball into the linebackers. If we feel they are getting movement on us, we will then drop to the ground and get small. As a base fundamental though, we are going to try to keep the tackle off the backside linebacker.

The next double team we see is a double team where the tight end climbs to the play side linebacker. The defensive lineman has to feel that and throw his body back into his gap.


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