I like to run this drill the first few practices of the season to identify who my ball handlers will be for that year.  It is called “Deer Hunter”.

Deer Hunter Drill

  • Make a big (10-15 yds in diameter) circle with cones.
  • No one is allowed out of the circle during the drill.
  • Pick 3-4 of your known fastest players (your “hunters”).
  • Put pinnies on them, and put them in the middle of the circle with backs touching.
  • All other players are scattered around the circle.

On the whistle, the hunters go after the rest of the team in what basically amounts to a game of tag.  What makes the drill beneficial to a coach is that it gives you a great opportunity to see what kind of speed and moves your new players have in a very short period of time.

It typically only takes 3-4 minutes with my team of 50+ kids, so we run it 2 or 3 times at the end of practice.  When the same kids keep showing up in the last group of survivors, that’s usually who you want to get the ball to during the games.

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