Non-Contact Angle Tackle Drill

The key to any leverage circuit is reminding your players that you need to push running backs or any ball carriers to the outside. If you’re head up, the ball carrier has two decisions he can make. If you take away the inside, he’s got one decision. He’s got to go to the boundary. While your guys are pursuing, your boundary then acts as another defender.

This is simply an angle tackle drill without the contact that we had seen before in a standard tackling circuit. In this tackle drill, set up the cones at 10 by 10. And maintaining an inside leverage, your focus is on the near hip and near shoulder, and you are tapping the hip. You’re tapping the hip just to let the coach know that you were close enough to step on his foot. If you can’t tap the hip, then you’re not close enough to tackle, and you are out of position.

Tapping the hip also gets you used to not slowing down. We don’t want to teach kids to run up to a player and then stop – we want him to keep forward motion. So you have to have this in the leverage circuit to remind them that in real life you don’t freeze during a football game when you get up to the ball carrier. You actually keep going. So this is training their bodies and their eyes to run through, by tapping the hip.

Once your players are getting this down, at another circuit you’re going to have cutback. You’re going to widen up the cones and allow the players to cut back.

Now the key coaching point here is this: As soon as the ball carrier cuts back, you need to move upfield, and always stay on that inside hip. And if you float, you can get around him. A little shifty back is going to get around him. And now, depending on how tough that guy is and how quickly e can recover from technique, he may make that play. But you don’t want to bet on it. Especially in a man-to-man situation.


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