In this video blog post, we are demonstrating the “Pads Out Versus the Linebacker” running back drill. For this running back drill, you’re going to have a linebacker blitzing from a corner or from up the middle. And you’re going to start him inside out, strike and finish the drill, come back, go to the right, strike, finish, drive.

“Pads Out Versus the Linebacker” Running Back Drill

  • Get in a football position, strike, with pads inside out. This emphasizes inside out position you have to block to protect the quarterback and finish your block.
  • You can go one-on-one or make it live with the linebackers, putting it all together. You can put a quarterback in there, and you can also use a pop-up bag or a dummy bag.
  • On the inside out position, you’re taking a blitzing linebacker and you’re playing it to the whistle. Don’t let him get to the quarterback. Keep your feet moving, keep your hips down, strike inside out and drive with your feet.
  • You want to progress with this drill to middle linebackers as well, and you can also move to dual pickup where they read the inside backer to the outside backer and one of them comes.


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