In today’s video blog post, I am showing you two great mirror drills that you can implement into your practice plan immediately – the “3 Point” Mirror Drill, and the “Beat ‘Em” Mirror Drill. By implementing these drills into your practice plan, you will see your pass blocking game improve dramatically!

Pass Blocking Mirror Drills – “3 Point” & “Beat ‘Em”

These drills will condition your athletes in moving laterally, while reinforcing the lock up, punch and timing, along with foot movement, head placement, and relaxing of the hands. Athletes work on putting all of those things together throughout this entire drill series.

3 Point Mirror Drill

  • Two players will line up facing each other, one defender, and one blocker
  • Defender begins in the 3 point position, then moves from side to  side laterally.
  • The blocker will move from side to side, keeping themselves directly in front of the defensive player.
  • Begin by focusing on footwork, then add in contact, having the blocker push the defender away whenever they get to close to the mirror line.

Beat ”˜Em Drill

  • Set up two cones about 5 yards apart, and a defender and blocker lined up facing each other.
  • Defender tries to run past the defender, without using their arms.
  • This portion of the drill should be at about 75% speed, with the blocker easily taking care of the defenders attempts.
  • After 5-10 seconds, coach yells out ”˜Beat ”˜Em!’ and the defender is going to use a move to get past the blocker.
  • This portion of the drill is at full speed, and the defender only gets one attempt to get past the blocker


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