In today’s video blog post, we are continuing our discussion on quarterback fundamentals, with some excellent throwing warm-up drills.

Quarterback Fundamentals: Part 2

Right Knee

When we get into the throwing game, we begin with a basic warm up drill called the “Right Knee” (for right handed quarterbacks). The quarterback begins by putting the knee down that corresponds with the throwing hand. They place the ball on the ground, and then secure it and bring it up into the throwing position and then focus on good follow through. The quarterback is trying to throw the ball right back to the other quarterbacks jersey number, and they are approximately 10 yards apart.

Both Knees

This drill is the same as the Right Knee drill, except we put both knees on the ground. It is still very important that we are focusing on follow through, ball security and ball position.

Wrong Knee

The quarterback places the knee on the ground that is opposite the throwing hand. The same mechanics as the previous two drills apply here as well.

Side Throwing

This is an area that is often neglected, but is so very important to work on with your player. The quarterback straddles a line and focuses on rotating at the hips as he delivers the football to his receiver. This drill also has the players placed 10 feet apart. By focusing on rotating at the hips, your quarterback can focus on loosening up the hips. You want to do this drill both directions so that the quarterback can be fully stretched and loosened on both sides.

Circle Throwing

This drill gives your quarterbacks an opportunity to throw on the run. One quarterback is stationary and the other is approximately 10 yards away and running in a circle around the target, delivering the football. He goes in one complete circle one direction, and then rotates and goes back the other direction. This can be used when you might not have receivers available to you.


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