In today’s blog post, we are talking about a great running back block drill set that is important to include in your practice plan, because we need to be sure out athletes understand how to properly strike on linebackers.

Running Back Blocking Drill: Strike, Extension and Finish

Strike Drill

  • One player is going to get on the knees and they will work on isolating body parts while learning to strike up and in, extending the hips. This would be used for a linebacker coming in on a blitz. It’s important to learn to stay low, get your hips down lower than the linebacker, to strike with the inside part of our hands, and extend.
  • In a recoiled football position, you’re isolating the upper body and trying to strike and extend.

Extension Drill

  • This drill emphasizes the extension and is done in a football/three point stance instead of on the knees.
  • You’re going to come up, extending and blocking. And this simulates a blitz drill where the linebacker’s coming and we have to hit and extend and use our hips.
  • Be sure to stay lower than the linebacker.

Finish Drill

  • Start from a two-point stance and you’re going to drive.
  • Place your hands and strike inside of the frame, and then drive with a wide base. It’s important to note that you’re not going to absorb the blow.

Important coaching points:

  • Make sure that you’re always going inside out. So if the quarterback’s inside, they’re going to drive and have a little angle driving them outside.
  • Always strike from inside out, protecting the quarterback.
  • You could use pipes or boards at an angle to condition them to go outside.


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