In today’s video blog post, we’re talking about running back drills, and checking out the piggyback drill, an awesome drill for building core strength, as well as ball security!

In every drill we do, and that we possibly can do, the purpose is that we want to have the football. We want the teach and stress the idea of taking care of the football. The piggyback drill is a great drill to help teach this.

How to run the Piggyback Drill

  1. The defender is going to come up. Now what you have to do, when you run the football you’ve got to have body lean and you’ve got to pick your feet up. We don’t want to ever feel like anybody’s going to knock us backwards. When we run the football, we’re going forward. Our ball carriers have got to be tough and we’ve got to go forward.
  2. We’re going to take one man behind him, and he’s just going to take his arms around him, and he’s going to lock his wrist in his other hand and he’s going to grab hold of his waist.
  3. When they start, he’s not going to run with his feet, he’s going to pick his feet up. As he picks his feet up to drag, this guy’s going to sprint with him. Some people call this sailor crawl; we call it piggyback.
  4. If the players don’t score, they come back and go again. If you get a really good player and you put two guys on him, this is a pretty good drill.


Will you be trying the Piggyback Drill with your players?   Do you other favorite “go to” running back drills that teach ball security?   Feel free to share below!

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