In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating another fantastic defensive back drill. It’s called “The W Drill” and it works the back peddle as the runner retraces his steps in the pattern of a “W”. This defensive back drill is great for corners and safetys.

Breaking Down the “W” Defensive Back Drill

Starting from a good stance, back peddle with good technique at a 30 degree angle backwards, and then plant and retrace, coming forward at another 30 degree angle. You are essentially drawing a “W” on the field.

Important Points to Remember

– Remember to keep the nose over the toes for a good back defense position

– Make the plant and transition from backwards to forwards smooth, keeping the hips tucked and feet firmly planted on the ground.

– Change up the degree angles of the W drill to help players of all sizes develop good stance, body control and weight balance.


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