In today’s video blog post, we are demonstrating the Angle Fit Tackle Drill.   The Angle Fit Tackle Drill   is just like a normal Fit tackle, with the exception that we are going to come in for the tackle at a 45 degree angle.   We’ll also demonstrate proper stance, head placement and footwork.

The Angle Fit Tackle Drill

In this drill, instead of coming straight on like do in a normal Fit drill, we are going to come in at a 45 degree angle. And when you tackle, you want the outside foot forward when you make contact. Ideally, that inside foot comes down on your gather step and your outside foot comes forward when you hit and wrap.

Breaking Down the Angle Fit Tackle Drill

– Tacklers should crouch down low with a good knee bend, so their helmet is at mid chest level and their head comes across the players front.

– The weight is forward ahead of the base when contact is made, and on the strike, the tackler will explode, rolling the hips.

You are trying to square up the opponent and keep him from going up field. Your opponent isn’t going to stop for you, so you must be sure to drive your feet and if that ball carrier is still moving, you have to keep moving with him and either drive him out of bounds or onto the ground.


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