Pass protection is one of the most important skills that you need to emphasize to your running backs, and one of the greatest drills that you can do to work on pass protection skills is “The Mirror Drill”. It teaches a player to keep their body in a good hitting position, maintain their base and move laterally without crossing over, and teaches them to react to the defensive player.   In today’s video blog post, we are breaking down an awesome Mirror Drill that is going to help your running backs improve their pass protection, plus their speed, agility and reaction times!

Breaking Down “The Mirror Drill”:

“The Mirror Drill” works on the technique that we use for pass protection – focus is on sitting down, delivering a blow with the hands inside to the sternum, and then reacting to his pass rush.

– In the first part of the Mirror Drill, you have 2 players – with the defensive player being the lead and the offensive player simply mirroring his movements as he moves left and right between 2 pad markers.

– The second part of the Mirror Drill focuses on changing direction. You allow the defensive player to make his own moves and the offensive player must react.

– The third part of the Mirror Drill is when you allow your player to try to score. The defensive player will move back and forth, he’ll try to score and the offensive player will give him a shock (just as he would in pass protection) and then the defensive player must recoil, go back and start again.

“The Mirror Drill” Tips! Remember to keep the hands up and the body low to the ground!


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