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If you are looking for more great football plays, I have got another killer play for you today!   The “I Right Tailback Screen”

Football Plays – The Strategy

If the defense is coming with a heavy weak side pass rush, this tailback screen is going to embarrass your opponents defensive coordinator! The screen might be my favorite play in football, with the combination of deception and coordination required by the offense that often leaves the defense flat footed, and the offense in the end zone.


Player Responsibilities

Offensive Line
LT: Fan blocks outside. Making sure to leave enough space for TB to slide through.
LG: Slides left to pass block, sprints to weakside flat at C’s call.
C:   Slides left to pass block, waits for 3 count, yells go, sprints out into flat to block first defender.
RG: Slides left to pass block, sprints to weak side flat slightly more downfield that LG and C.
RT: Fan blocks outside

Backs & Receivers
TE: Runs a curl route, planting in middle of the field.
Y: Runs streak route.
Z: Runs streak route.
FB: Pass protects on right side.
TB: Fakes blast right, slips out into flat behind LOS for pass.
QB: Sells handoff fake, drops deep, hits TB in flat.

Coaching Tips

  • The TB needs to sell the blast without getting too close to the LOS – we need him running parrallel at a depth of about 2-3 yards, making sure not to sprint and out run his blockers.
  • This play will be made or broken based on the ability of the LG, C, and RG to get out into the flat ahead of the TB and lay down some good blocks.


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