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If you are looking for more great football plays, I have got another killer play for you today!   The “Tight Wing T 43 Counter”

Football Plays – The Strategy

If you find that the ILBs are getting the jump on your backfield, flowing ahead of the ball, pull this play out to stop them dead in their tracks. When they anticipate the handoff to the TB and leave their inside position, the defense will be outnumbered on the weak side!

football plays tight wing t 43 counter

Player Responsibilities

Offensive Line
LT: Releases inside to block ILB
LG: Double teams NT with C.
C: Double   teams NT with LG.
RG: Blocks closest LB.
RT: Pulls out left to trap block first man left of C.

Backs & Receivers
SE: Drive block FS.
TE: Releases inside to block SS.
FB: Drives hard between RG & RT.
TB: Flows to right side, pretending to wait for the ball.
SB: Sprints hard for inside handoff from QB, cuts up hole staying close to double team.
QB:Reverses pivot towards WB for inside handoff.

Coaching Tips

  • No faking! For this play to work best, you want to minimize extra movement, focusing on speed rather than deception.
  • Timing is key here – ideally you’ll have all four backs pass each other at the same time, in a vertical line, and execute their responsibilities in sync.

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