Video – Talking About Special Teams

During the above video, we’re going to go over some important points when it comes to coaching football and working with special teams.

Here are some of the highlights:

In order to be successful in coaching football, particularly special teams, you need to have a commitment from the head coach.

You need to understand what we do during the 45 minutes of practice on the field and what we do during the meetings (and those meetings’ purposes).

You cannot do special teams by yourself—every coach needs to be involved.

We are a man scheme. We like the man scheme because it maximizes the development of fundamentals. Also, the coordination between players and schemes is minimized. Also, we like the one-on-one match-ups.

I like to watch film, and I think all coaches need to watch film on a daily basis. You learn a lot about your players by doing that.

The man schemes also help with the development of a large special team player pool; it’s easier to find solid replacements when you’re dealing with injured players, etc.

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