Football Conditioning Drills – Speed & Footwork Drill

If you’re looking for football conditioning drills try this one that we do frequently. It keeps the competition in the practice, builds fast feet and endurance, and the athletes love to see their own improvement.

Speed & Footwork Drill
Have the entire team lay face down, an arms length away.  Make sure each player has his feet together and his hands and arms tucked underneath his chest.

We start with our linemen and end with our speedsters.  The last person in line (typically our fastest) gets up on the whistle and sprints over his teammates to the far end.

He then lays down as he started with a good distance (room for feet) between him and the last person he ran over.  The coach can either whistle each player to get up and go, or simply leave it that as soon as you’re at the end of the line you get up and go.

Once everyone understands the drill, we make it a race.

If you’re caught/passed by the person behind you, you have to pull out and do either pushups or crunches (depending on what we’re trying to strengthen that day).

The athletes love to see their own improvement in how fast they can run The Gauntlet.

It can be a bit entertaining if someone’s feet get too low as well.   Sometimes we run it just a length of the field while other times we’ll have them turn on the fly and bring it all the way back as well.

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