To improve ball security and work on keeping center of gravity low and the shoulders squared.

Set Up

  • Lay down 4-6 agility bags or pool noodles, 2-3 yards apart.
  • Start at one end with a football in hand.


  1. Begin by accelerating towards the bag, make a move and jump cut out to the left.
  2. Accelerate forward to the next bag, then shuffle across the face of the bag keeping your shoulders north/south.
  3. As you come to the end of each bag, explode forward, then cut back inside switching the ball over to the outside hand.
  4. After reaching the last bag, explode forward another 5-10 yards.

Coaching Tips

  • To add an extra challenge, have a partner get a blocking bag and force the ballcarrier to make one last move before exploding forward for another 5-10 yards.