This is a fun drill for the kids that really teaches them how to “Rip”. Many times when we teach kids to pass rush on a Rip drill, they don’t get low enough and they don’t scoop the arm. Anytime we Rip on someone – whether it’s a club rip or a bull rip and flip, we want to make sure they a ripping low and then reaching up to the sky. This drill teaches players how to Rip, stay low, get up field and turn their shoulders.

Rip Drill Video Tutorial

– Set up one player as the offensive tackle, taking one step back into the ready position, not making any contact yet. The second player will be defense.

– He is going to come out of his stance and fight through the outside so he can get some outside leverage on the outside tackle.

– Place a towel on the ground behind the offensive player.

– At this point, the defense player is going to Rip through, snatching the towel from the ground and scooping up to the top.

– Be sure the defensive player keeps his feet running with him. He doesn’t want to bend and stop to pick up the towel, but rather snatch the towel as he continues to move through up the field.


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