There is never a substitute for great feet for a quarterback. In today’s video blog post, I am sharing some essential drills for training the feet to be quick and agile.

Jump Rope Drills

Put some duct tape or athletic tape down on the ground in the shape of a “+” plus sign, and using this grid configuration, you can use a jump rope to condition the feet for quickness. Begin by jumping side to side from one square to the other, and then up and down from one square to the other. You can even work diagonally, in a figure 8 pattern, on one foot only… the possibilities really are many! In addition to working the feet, this drill also allows your players to develop a better understanding and connection with their center of gravity.

Ladder Drills

An agility ladder is something you can buy or build. Its an invaluable training tool as there are many drills that you can do with the agility ladder. From one foot in each box, to side step with 2 feet in each box, in and out, the “Icky Shuffle”, and many more! Again, this is a great tool to work stabilizing of the center of gravity and working on balance.

Agility Drill

The player will straddle the line, and then sprint 5 yards to the right, change direction and sprint 10 yards to the left, change direction again and sprint 5 yards back to the starting point. You can also do this same drill sequence using a shuffle.


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