Once you have established a good stance and inside alignment, with focus on the inside number and the cross hand jam, you are ready to move into teaching your defensive back how to play the football.

Defensive Back Press Man Trail Technique Tips!

Defensive back players should be hip to hip going into the transition, focusing on the inside number – not on the head or the feet. The offensive player will release on the outside, and the defensive back will work through the transition into a trail position, with focus on putting a body lean onto the receiver to press him to the sideline.   This will put your defensive back into good position to cover and intercept the ball.

You want to teach your players to get into trail position, because staying in hip to hip position will allow the receiver to push by and get inside technique, which is what you are working to avoid at all costs when playing man-to-man.

The defensive back doesn’t want to overplay the receiver, but stay underneath him a little bit.

Sometimes your man-to-man players might have safety or over the top help, which allows them more flexibility in getting in trail position or playing behind because they know they have the safety to help.   Alternately, if your defensive back knows he does not have any help, they need to be sure to be in an even transition where they will have an opportunity to play on the ball.


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