Drill Type:   Agility Drill

Set Up

  • Create 2 lines of barrels with 3 barrels per line, approximately 5 yards apart.
  • Place an additional barrel in the middle of both lines about 10 yards behind the last barrel.
  • Place 2 players in the end zone, each with a football.

running back drill 1


  1. In this drill, players will attack and deflect the barrels just like they’re a defender.
  2. The running back will begin running to the left of the first barrel, and getting as close to the barrel as they can without touching it, weave around to attack the next barrel.
  3. Repeat, weaving in the other direction.
  4. When the player gets to the end, they will go around the barrel in the middle and continue down the other line.

Coaching Tips

Have players that hit the barrels do 50 push-ups per barrel. Because the idea is not to hit the barrels – it’s a game of changing directions, speed, feet, motion and balance.

This is a great running back drill to help players have good balance and carry the football.