Drill Type:   Running Back Drill


This running back drill focuses on playing close to the goal line, as 4 defenders try to hit and knock the runner to the outside.

Set Up

  • With the running back on the 20 yard line, space 4 defenders at each of the 5 yard lines to and icnluding the goal line.
  • This drill should be done with pads.

score youth football drill


  1. During this drill, have four guys try to hit and knock our runner to the outside.
  2. The runner’s going to attack each one of them, and he’s going to score.
  3. If he doesn’t score, he goes back again to repeat the drill.
  4. If he does score, the first guy moves up to run the drill sequence himself.
  5. You can also turn around, and make the 10-yard line a goal line, running the drill the opposite way. That way every runner will have a chance taking on with his inside-one time’s his left and the next time his right.

Coaching Tips

  • Be sure the football is secured in the arm, and that you have good body lean because you’re going forward every time.
  • We want to stay close to him. Why? Because if we try to run outside of him, we cut our space down to the sidelines. And that boundary serves as the defender too, because we touch the sidelines and you’re out of bounds.