Drill Type: Team Reaction Drill


Much of football is seeing and reacting as the play develops. This drill will help players learn to read and react.   This is similar to the children’s game “Simon Says” except you show the players how to move with a football.

Set Up:

Players stand facing the coach. They should be spaced out so that they have plenty of room to move. All players need to be able to see the coach. The coach is holding a ball.

Simon Shows Drill


  1. When the coach holds the ball to the right all the players move in that direction (to their left as they face the coach). When the coach moves the ball to the left the players should move in that direction.
  2. When the ball is moved to the coach’s chest all the players should move toward the coach. And when the ball is held down low all the players should drop on the ground and immediately get back up.
  3. This drill will teach players to react to what’s happening in front of them on the field. However, coaches need to make sure proper fundamentals are used by all the players.

Coaching Tips:

  • Players’ feet should not cross over as they slide from side to side. Also, players shouldn’t lose sight of the coach. Their heads should be up at all times.