Football Linebacker DrillOur philosophy of defense is to pressure the QB. We run a 4-4 defense and this is one of our favorite linebacker drills because all the linebackers get to try offense and defense.

Linebacker Drill

  1. Have one linebacker line up 5 yards off the ball.
  2. Have one of your other players line up in the backfield with a ball.
  3. The rest of your linebackers line up as the offensive line. They just stand there as a screen.

On the whistle the player with the ball runs a sweep around the offensive line.
The linebacker must track the back down the line of scrimmage and adjust his angle of attack to make the tackle.

To rotate the offensive back becomes the linebacker, the linebacker goes to the end of the offensive line, and the other end of the line becomes the running back.

Great for ball tracking and tackling drill, plus the defensive players enjoy trying to play running back.