Weightlifting at a young age has always been a controversial subject, but there’s no denying the improved results it can bring on the field.

Football Conditioning
Medicine Ball Throws

So what should you do if you don’t want to get your kids are to young into weightlifting yet, or just don’t have access?

The answer is medicine balls! And while you can use them to improve arm strength, the real strength of the medicine balls is they are incredible for improving your core strength.

There are hundreds of different drills that you can run, to improve everything from throwing strength, blocking power, and even vertical leap!

Rotational Power

The first exercise we’re going to look at is great for improving a player’s rotational strength, really working the obliques and arms. Have two players stand on the 10 yard line, about 5 yards from each other, both facing the goal posts.

Then have them pull the medicine ball into their passing pocket, and rotate their bodies as they shotput the ball to their teammate.

Quarterback Strengthening
Extended Medicine Ball Throw

Exchange about 5 passes each, and then make sure to change sides and keep all exercises often – remember there is nothing that puts you at a higher risk for injury than muscular imbalances.

Once your player’s have gotten the hang of that, get them to bring the ball do their far hip, and with their arms fully extended, swing the ball around their body and releasing at a round shoulder height.

Explosive Power

If you have players that are trying to get that extra inch on their vertical leap, or shave a couple seconds off their 40 time, this is a great drill for developing the necessary explosive power. It bears some similarities to a ‘Power-Clean’, but without all the extra equipment or risk of injury.

Instead of being alongside each other, instead have your two players line up behind one another, both facing forward.

Coaching Drills
Medicine Ball Explosions

The player that is in front of his teammate will crouch down, bringing the medicine ball low to the ground, and explode upwards, jumping simultaneously and launching the medicine ball high up into the air.

The player behind him will catch the ball, turn around and then throw the ball back to the player who had originally thrown it to him.

Coaching Tips

Encourage your players to straddle the line, it will remind them to keep their feet shoulder width apart, and well-balanced

Work the overhead throw in as well, it’s a great way to improve arm and back strength


Have any other suggestions for good exercises with the medicine ball? Let us know below in the comments section!



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