The arm is an expression of what we are as a quarterback. I have often wondered “what is a drill that I can do, simply by throwing the ball, that will strengthen my arm?” You often see pitchers throwing a lot of long balls. This is a drill derived from that, plus it encompasses all of that core work that you have been doing during your practice training.

Long Toss Drill for Quarterback Arm Strengthening

  • Begin with feet square, and with no step, you are going to throw the ball with only your upper body and hips.
  • Start at 10 yards, and every throw, have your partner move back 5 yards.
  • You keep working all the way back the field as far as you can, and eventually you will reach as far as you can throw. At that point where you can’t throw it any further, the partner works their way back up the field 5 yards with each throw.
  • After you have gone through moving down the field and forward, get back on the line, with your partner at 10 yards distance from you, and now face perpendicular. Again, you will throw without any step, using only your upper body and hips. Work down the field and forward again.
  • Repeat facing the other side. This will be the most difficult throw for most quarterbacks. But the benefit of this throwing angle is working that extension.


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