If you are looking for a great offensive line drill for warmups, “Ball Punches” are a fabulous practice drill that will help your players to train the hands and work on punching through the chest.

The concept of this offensive line drill is shooting a heavier object at a defender/partner. It trains the players to get their hands up and fire through to the opponents chest. It helps the player think about putting the punch through to the defender, as well as getting down in the squat pass protection seated position.


How to perform the “Ball Punch” Offensive Line Drill

  • This drill trains a guy to get ready to punch a defender whose getting ready to rush at him.
  • Using weighted balls will condition your players to take a pass set and punch a chest pass to a partner right across from them.
  • You want to be in a good body position where you have your knee inside of your foot, 80% of your weight inside, and a shoulder-toe protecting yourself from the rusher.
  • As you’re working the ball punches, you don’t want your players to bring their hands into their chest with the heavy ball, because they wont have the extension or separation to keep that lineman at bay.


In offensive line play, you can put one guy across from each other all day but it will wear on your guys unless you break it up and do some different drill work. We try to train players with their footwork, body position and hand strike. In our practices, we try to work on one thing today – it may be punches one day, or kick sets another day.


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