Standing throw drills are an excellent tool for quarterbacks to work on their throwing mechanics, as they emphasize good throwing motion and good upper body form.

In this quarterback throwing drill, you can take 2 QB’s and place them 8-12 yards apart, with their toes pointing at each other, the lead foot forward. The QB’s will throw the ball back and forth, focusing on good hip and arm technique.


“One Foot Forward” Quarterback Throwing Drill

The lead foot forward also simulates the release on a sprint out and allows the QB to get a little different hip position on the throw.

You can also turn your quarterback on the line, so that their hip is pointing to the line of scrimmage, which will allow you to work even more on upper body throwing mechanics.

Remember, there is no step taken – you are simply using the upper body to turn and throw. Be sure to get the ball up high by the ear, with a nice release and good follow through, paying close attention that you don’t wind the football.


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