In this special teams drill, the blocker is working on turning his shoulders and the coverage player is working on destroying the up field shoulder. One important thing to remember in kick off coverage is that the front line should never make contact with your kick off coverage people. So when you look at this particular drill, you are going to read the up field shoulder.

One of the key features to this drill is that you need to have your coverage player stem to the side opposite of where he is eventually going to make move to in order to keep the blocker in position.

The blocker turns his bag either to the right or to the left, which simulates the fishhook. If the blocker turns himself, the coverage players need to understand and recognize that the ball carrier is going to be coming through the open side. This is a basketball principle where it is you, the man and then ball. The blocker is the man, and he is going to be in between the ball carrier and the coverage player.

The coverage person focuses on sealing that block through the use of stemming the blocker, which gives the coverage player and easier release to move through and up the field for the ball carrier.

Special Teams Avoidance Drill Video Tutorial


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