The above video discusses the “step over” pee wee football drill for linebackers. It’s a terrific drill for improving upon your players’ agility.

The step over drill can either go straight down a flat surface, or it can be done in a downhill area.

The keys to this pee wee football drill include:

  • First, get in a hit position.
  • On the coach’s command, move your feet.
  • Then quick step over the dummies.
  • Never cross over your feet.
  • Do not stand up while performing this drill.
  • Stay square to the line of scrimmage.
  • Do not look down.
  • Move your arms and hands for balance.
  • Stay on the balls of your feet.
  • Be quick but very under control.

If your players follow these tips and key points, then they’re sure to get a lot out of the step over pee wee football drill.

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