In today’s video blog post, we are going to discuss some Quarterback Fundamentals that will improve the game for both your quarterback and your entire team.   Quarterback fundamentals discussed include the importance of the Center – QB Exchange, QB Quick Snap, as well as footwork and speed/agility drills.

Quarterback Fundamentals – Part 1

QB Stance

There are many stances a quarterback can take, but this is one that I highly recommend for many situations. It’s a comfortable stance, with the feet shoulder width apart, slight bend at the hips, flexion at the knees and elbows, weight on the balls of the feet and a more upright position so the quarterback can look at the defensive coverages.

Center – QB Exchange

All plays begin with the center – quarterback exchange, so I like to spend 10 minutes prior to practice working on this aspect of our plays. I’ll call a play, a specific cadence and mix it up so we get an opportunity to work all of our backfield actions, all the way through. We rotate the centers and the quarterbacks so everyone has an opportunity to get familiar with each other. We utilize underneath snaps as well as gun snaps in this drill sequence.

QB Self-Snap

Having your quarterbacks work on snapping to each other is also very important. The quarterback needs to get a snap as often as possible so it is a realistic situation when he practices his drills.

Quick Feet

Quick feet and hands are very important to the quarterback’s game. Drilling the feet with a scissors action is a great way to improve the quickness of the feet.

Ski Jumps

This is another basic drill that focuses on getting quick off the ground. Place a half moon dummy on the ground, and with feet together, the quarterback will work on jumping over the dummy, with the focus on getting some height off the ground.


This footwork drill takes a little bit of coordination, but it allows us to work on both quickness of the feet combined with coordination.


This drill also uses a dummy, and is great for allowing the quarterback to work on driving his knees up and the feet cleanly off the ground. This will help as they work on their 3 and 5 step drops and different backfield actions.


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