I had racked my brain to get my backs to lead block out of the backfield and “go full speed” off the snap. Most plays at this level, I have learned, are sweeps and/or misdirection sweeps and the fastest kids around the end win.   My resolves – A drill   just for QB and Running Backs.

Quarterback & Running Back Drill
I start with two assistants holding blocking pads at right side of offense – one just outside tight end spot and the other about 5 yards outside Tight end spot and 3 yards on offensive side of line.

At the snap, one assistant (predetermined) drops his pad and takes a knee leaving the other assistant as the active tackler.

The lead blocker then attacks the active tackler and the runner either cuts up field or continues around end depending on which tackler (assistant with pad) remains active.   I then run same Drill flip-flopped to the left.

Then I add a live tackler at opposite tight end spot to chase play forcing backs to “get off ball and run” so as to not get tackled from back.

This drill has made a tremendous improvement in my backfield getting off the ball, picking off would-be tacklers, and reading blocks.