Running Back Drills: Pocket Drills

In today’s video blog post, we are discussing running back drills, and demonstrating a couple of great Pocket Drills. Topics discussed include receiving the handoff, forming the proper pocket, and a partner pocket where we simulate arm movement.


Receiving the Handoff Pocket Drill

The purpose of this drill is to over-emphasize getting our inside up and clamping down on the ball. We’ll progress to tighten up this drill, but for now we’re just trying to get our inside hand and arm up.

  • We do this to warm up and teach the proper hand and arm up. You could slow this drill down a little bit and work on more fundamentals and emphasis on proper techniques.
  • After performing the previous drill, you’re going to work on actually locking the ball into the pocket with our elbow and the back of our wrist tight to our jersey. The emphasis is not on how many reps you get, but rather quality reps. Make sure you get the inside arm up, the elbow and the wrist tight to the jersey, and roll over the ball when you get it.
  • Be sure to switch sides on each of these drills so that both arms are used as the inside hand, as in right and left runs.


Form Pocket Drill

A form pocket drill focuses on taking a little more time to form the proper pocket. But there’s more emphasis on the proper placement of the elbow, the inside elbow and hand tight to the chest. The distance is a lot tighter, and you want to focus on making sure that the elbow is up. You could use this more as a draw drill if you wanted to use it that way.


Partner Pocket Drill

The partner pocket is great to simulate arm movement.

  • In this drill, everyone is stationary, isolating body parts because we’re only concerned with the upper body right now. You’re working on arm movement when he pops the ball in, and clamping down on it. You get more reps in this drill because you’ve got a coach watching over three different players.
  • Switch sides, and now this would be a run to the right side with the left elbow up. So we’re trying to really emphasize the back of the wrist tight to the jersey and the elbow high, as well as securing the ball and getting it to the outside hand. Don’t forget to really whip it over to secure the ball.


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