Developing reliable pass-catching hands is one of the most important skills a wide receiver can possess. This fun drill will help your players focus on seeing the ball into their hands, and develop stronger, more coordinated fingers.


  • Two receivers stand facing each other, roughly one yard apart
  • The receiver on the right side will have his left arm up, while the receiver on the left will have his right arm up
  • The quarterback stands five to 10 yards away with a ball
  • The coach is nearby to call commands.
Team Catch Drill for Wide Receivers


  1. On the coach’s signal, the quarterback softly throws the ball to the receivers at head height
  2. The receivers will attempt to catch the ball together, using one hand from each player
  3. Once they get the hang of it, the quarterback can begin throwing passes slightly lower, higher, or off center, and force the receivers to react
  4. If you have a group with several receivers, pair them off and have a competition to see who can make the most catches on 10 throws
  5. Make sure the receivers switch sides so they can run the drill with each hand

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    3 replies to "Team Catch Drill for Wide Receivers"

    • Ken Thompson

      Thanks for the information, very useful.

    • Coach Ed

      What does this drill achieve?

      • Apollo Oliver

        It helps your wide receivers look like jack asses.That or it helps them share the ball with the defense because those are both DEFINITELY a part of the game

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