Football has evolved into a hand contact game. It’s all strength, and all upper body. Your feet take you to where your block needs to go, but you use your hands to engage the man and control the man inside. When blocking, you want to be able to step and get your hand in there.   This video contains some good points that you can take back to your football practice, implement, and watch your run blocking game improve!

As a defender:

For example, a defender is going to try to reach his mark, and you as a nose guard have to try to cut him off and control the gap. Once you are in the block area, it’s a battle for inside hand position. Whoever has hand position on the inside is going to win the battle.

As an offensive lineman:

When on offense as a lineman, you want to lead with your hand and then control a defender with your hands. You ONLY followup with your head as a balance – NEVER lead with your head!!!!!

You want to try to narrow the area that your hands and head are attacking, and continue into your drive. Remember to be balanced in the legs, with the legs spread to provide good stability.


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