In today’s video blog post, we are sharing 3 great Offensive Line Tips for coming off the ball.   As basic as they may seem, these 3 key points will make the difference between safety and injury for your players, and winning or losing the game.

3 Offensive Line Tips for Coming Off The Ball!

Tip #1 – Lead With Your Hands

As a offensive lineman, you want to lead with your hands and control the defender with your hands. You want to follow up with your head as a balance – NEVER lead with your head! And finally, try to narrow the area of your hands and head. You want to get into a tight and strong position on the defender.

Tip #2 – Hands Inside

Don’t let your players use their hands on the outside. This is a security thing that you will see a lot, and it will result in a holding call! You want to condition your players to get into the proper position and have their hands inside. If you shoot your hands inside to the middle, at that point you can grab the middle and get your head inside and drive – which is the initial part of a block that you have to start with.

Tip #3 – Good Balance & Body Form

While moving in football, you never bring your feet together. This will make even the biggest man unstable on any football field. Good balance with the feet wide apart is key! Along with good hand and head control, the player should have good ankle, knee and hip placement, with the back straight. Keeping the back straight is important! An arched back doesn’t give you energy or power off the football, and can cause injury.


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