In today’s video blog post, we are talking about 2 excellent conditioning drills using the cones, that are designed to work on your feet, sharp cuts, and body movement.

“90-Degree Cut” Drill

This drill is good for your out-cuts. You basically create a series of 90 degrees cuts between cones. Focus should be on weight over the knees, sticking the outside foot, and working those outside hands. You want to work the 90-degree drill both ways so you get both cuts, coming and going in the different directions, making good sharp cuts.

Sprint, Shuffle, Backpedal Shuffle Drill

This drill is used to try to get body movement in the cones, and emphasize body position with weight over the balls of your feet, a good back arch, eyes up, and the hands working. Be sure to use good arm action, and don’t forget to move the drill to the opposite cone so you get to work both directions in your shuffle.


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