In today’s video blog, we are discussing 2 essential football drills for ball carrying and security – the “Hold The Runner” and “Ball Wrestling” football drills!

Hold The Runner

I believe that every football player who touches the ball in any way, shape or form during a football game should do this drill during practice. You should definitely have this drill on your practice checklist!

This drill does 2 things – teaches a running back or ball carrier or receiver how to lean forward as they run and second, the end of the drill causes them to really focus on holding the ball, as the defensive player tries to knock the ball free at the end of the drill.

**Finish the drill hard and don’t relax the ball so that the defensive player – who is always coached to go after the football – is not able to knock it free.


Ball Wrestling

I have had a lot of running back coaches tell me that this may be the single most important drill they do for ball carrying. Again, this is a drill that your quarterback should do, your running back should do, and your receivers should do – anyone who might touch the football on the offensive side, your tight ends included.

This may be the single most important drill to teach players how to avoid turnovers.

In this drill, we have two players, and one player will wrestle the ball from the ball carrier for a distance of five yards, ending with one last swoop, at which time the ball carrier will then accelerate and finish the drill.

If you emphasize ball security, your players will not fumble. If you don’t emphasize ball security, you’re going to be laying the ball on the ground. You will get what you emphasize. If you’re a young coach and you emphasize to your young football players “protect the ball”, they will do that as long as you set up drills to allow them to practice this.

Do you use these football drills, or any variations of them in your current football practice plan?   Do you have other essential football drills that you would recommend to other coaches?   Feel free to comment and share below!   If you are looking for more great football drills, be sure to check out my Football Drills and Practice Plans series, complete with video demonstrations!   And don’t forget to Become a Fan on Facebook, where I will share more great football drills, tips and techniques!