Helps linemen understand how far their blocking assignments should be taken.

Set Up

  • You can set up an offensive line against tackling dummies first, and you can put a running back in the backfield. Later, you can add in the real defensive line.
Offensive lineman imagine they have cameras on their backs and they need to maintain proper position to film the running back in this drill.


  1. First, you have to explain how the linemen have a national television camera on the back of their jerseys
  2. The only way for the world to see how good they blocked (and how good the RB is) is to maintain their block, and to turn their body to seal the hole for the running back – so the camera stays on the running back.
  3. The running back has a clear hole to run through, and the offensive line stays with their blocks until the play has ended.

Coaching Tips

  •  Once the linemen open the hole, they should stay with their blocks and seal them off so the running back doesn’t have to worry about players catching him from behind.