There are many times during the kickoff coverage that the defender will actually go through the line, unscathed, with nobody to block him. Or, he’ll break through a block and find himself out in the open.   What do you do next?

In this special teams drill, we cover this exact scenario!   The defender is going to come down the field at full speed, and once he gets to a specified point, the returner will begin moving up the field, and then angle in for the angle tackle.

The purpose of this special teams drill is for the defender to come to balance, always moving forward, while cha cha’ing his feet and keeping them tight together, so that he can break to his right and left quickly.

You want to make sure that the player isn’t using any false steps, he’s not guessing on where to move next, and that he gets low to make the tackle, always keeping his head in the front.

Special Teams Drill Video Tutorial

This is a great special teams drill to perform either in station or with the pads on.


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