To work on conditioning and agility.

Set Up

  • Setup 5 cones – 4 forming a square, each 10 yards apart, with the 5th cone in the middle.
  • Players will form at the bottom leftmost cone.


  1. On the coach’s signal the first player in line will sprint up to and around the first cone.
  2. Still facing the same direction, they will now shuffle to the right to the 2nd cone.
  3. After going around the 2nd cone, the player will backpedal at an angle towards the cone in the center, loop around, and continue backpedaling to the 5th cone.
  4. One more time around that cone, with the player finishing by shuffling left back to the cone they started at.

Coaching Tips

  • Have a coach or extra player stand in front of the cones with a ball in hand – you want to get players not only agile, but agile and aware of what’s going on the field!