To teach players how to track the ball and make the catch on deep throws.

Set Up

  • Have the WRs line up about 8-10 yards away from the sideline.
  • The QB will be in the center of the field, with a bucket of balls.


  1. On the QB’s signal, the WR will explode of the line, running a streak route.
  2. The QB will throw the deep ball, looking to drop it in over the WRs outside shoulder.
  3. The WR will then make the catch and sprint all the way through to the goal line.

Coaching Tips

  • After the players are familiar with the drill there are two more wrinkles that you can add: the first is a DB playing active defense.
  • The 2nd wrinkle is that this is a great drill for working on corner and post routes as well as the streak!