Proper running technique can make a huge difference for every player – no matter what their position. That’s why I like to put all my

Football Drills
Bag Drills - High Knees

players through these bag drills, to help them learn how to run with high knees and good balance.

And while every player should learn these, I would say it’s absolutely vital your running backs understand just how important running technique will be in helping them improve their yardage totals.

Bag Drills – High Knees

For these bag drills I use the same football blocking bags we use for blocking drills with the linemen. Set up somewhere between 5-8 bags on the ground length wise, and have the players line up at one end. The first drill is simple: they’ll ┬ásimply run from one end to the next, while focusing on form and high knees rather than speed.

Bag Drills – Rotating

Football Defensive Drills
Bag Drills - Rotating

This one is a little bit tougher. As the players run through the bags, they will start off facing forwards, rotate until they are facing to the right, and then rotate back over to the left side, again focusing on balance and good running form.

Bag Drills – Catch and Pass

Here’s one last great bag drill. The players will start facing sideways in front of the bags. On the same side they’re facing, you’ll be standing ready with a football.

Coaching Football
Bag Drills - Pass and Catch

Now they’ll begin to run sideways through the course, and you’ll toss them the football. They’ll catch and pass it back to you as quickly as they can, all while still moving sideways through the bags. If there’s enough time to fit in multiple throws, it’s encouraged. This is a great drill for receivers to help them learn to focus on doing two things at once: moving and zeroing in on the ball.

That’s it for today’s bag drills. If you need more drills to help with football conditioning, click here!