Football Conditioning Drills
Box Runs

Football might be the most grueling, physically demanding sport to play in the world. Putting your players through rigorous full contact drills throughout the week might seem like a good idea, but can often lead to just tiring your players out for game day. That’s why you need to be able to train your players effectively – without the pads.

With effective drills that don’t require full contact, you can give your players bodies a rest, giving their bodies a chance to recover. Without the proper rest and recovery, your gains are going to be minimized and your players will be exhausted.

We’ve got some great non-contact tackling drills and non-contact drills for your receivers as well, but here were going to be looking exclusively at conditioning, which is great for all positions!

Box Runs

Here’s a great plyometric exercise that will help to train those invaluable fast-twitch fibers in your calves and the rest of the muscles of

Youth Football Drills
Crossover Ball Drops

your legs to fire quickly. And that’s the emphasis in this drill: exploding up and moving quickly, staying on the balls of your feet.

With a small box set up in front of the player, have them put one foot up on the box. On your command, they will begin to switch their legs back and forth, alternating their left and right from the ground to the top of the box. After about 10 repetitions of each leg, or 20 steps overall, stop. Take a break, come back and do two more separate sets of 20  for a total of three.

Ball Drops

This drill can be done starting from a variety of stances, and it’s good to remember to work on them all. Have the player line up several yards away from you, low in ready stance.

You’ll have a tennis ball in hand, and when you drop it, the player has to sprint and chase it down before it bounces off the ground a second time. This drill is one of my favorites; it does a great job of working on both reaction and hand-eye coordination.

Remember to try starting facing both sides, forwards, and even backwards!

Football Practice Plans
Multiple Boxes

Multiple Box Jumps

Here’s another plyometric exercise. You’ll setup a series of 6-10 boxes, all fairly close to each other and ranging in different sizes. Have your players line up at one end, and then they will begin to jump. Up onto one box, down off, and  back up  onto the next.

The emphasis again here is to minimize the amount of time on the ground, landing on the balls of your feet, loading for a split second, and exploding back up into the next jump.

Have them run through 3 times each, and wrap it up – we don’t want to overwork their legs.

This about wraps it up. If your looking for more great tips on how to get your players in tip top shape, just head over to our full page of football conditioning drills!