To develop speed and explosiveness

Set Up

  • Setup a small obstacle, such as a cone or mini-hurdle to jump over.

Obstacle Jumps Football Conditioning Drill


Jumps to complete over the obstacle include:

  1. 2 Feet Side to Sides – jump with both feet over the obstacle from one side to the other .
  2. One Foot Side to Sides – jump from side to side over the obstacle using one foot.
  3. Front to Back – bring both heels together and jump two-footed over the obstacle going forward and backward.
  4. 1 Foot Front to Back – jump over the obstacle with one foot going forward and back .

Over and back is one repetition.

Complete 3 sets of 5-10 reps.

Coaching Tips

  • Your goal with this drill should be rapid fire jumps – not big jumps just small quick jumps.
  • Pop off the ground, keep your toes pulled up.