Offensive BlockingMy primary issue has been adding some excitement to the seemingly boring task of offensive blocking.   Recently I achieved some moderate success taking the players through a modified version of the old plank drill.

Updated Old Plank Drill

  1. I lined my players up in opposing lines.
  2. Each player straddling two tackling dummies laid end to end on the ground.
  3. We start by working through the line having the players begin in proper offensive position fully engaged at the center of the two back line.
    The players are instructed to block the other player off the dummy line using short choppy steps and body mechanics.
  4. The presence of the dummies forces them to stay on target and keep their feet spread.
  5. After the players complete the cycle once, I have them step back and engage off the cadence demonstrating the importance of quickness of the snap.

Once everyone was clear on the technique involved we did a quick competition to see what players were the “best” blockers.

These players are more than likely your starting linemen and blocking backs.   By earning their position in the midst of their teammates, they take more pride in being a “star” lineman.