The most common moves a defensive line uses against an offensive line are the Rip Move, Swim, Bull Rush or Push and Pull.   In today’s video blog post, we are talking about a great offensive line drill to help you defend against and counter the “Rip Move”.

Offensive Line Drill for Countering the “Rip Move”

As an offensive lineman, if you keep a good lineman demeanor the whole time, you can defend against a rip move. Kick stepping and keeping proper stance, staying low with good body balance and weight on the insteps, the offensive lineman can move in any direction he wants while maintaining excellent control and power.   These basic principles apply to any move the defensive linemen might try to pull on the offensive linemen.

When the defensive lineman throws the rip, you want to make sure you get contact on him with a good, hard punch with the palms. As he rips through, you want to keep your kick step going. You also want to keep separation between you and the defensive lineman. You don’t want to be in tight because with one small step, that defensive lineman can have you beat!   That extension gives you more time to recover from any move that the defensive lineman might make.

Be sure to keep your base wide, weight on the insteps, knees bent, hips low, and that you have great arm extension with heel to palm contact on the inside shoulder and just above the elbow.

And here’s a TIP!   When a defenders momentum stalls, he is either beat or about to spin. As an offensive lineman, you need to be ready for that!


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