In today’s video blog post, we are talking about cut blocking, and a great offensive line drill called “Rip The Hip”.   Cut Blocking has a lot of great uses, but especially if you are going up against a defensive lineman that you are having trouble blocking.   A cut block is a great technique to use to get him back on his heels a little bit.

Offensive Line Drill: The “Rip The Hip” Drill

One player acts as offense and one as defense. If the offense is having a hard time blocking the defense, the offense is going to cut block the defense, or “cut” his legs out from underneath him and he is going to fall to the ground, stopping his momentum and charge off the line of scrimmage.

The offense is going to aim for the outside hip (the hip furthest away) and stay low. And then the offense is going to drop step to a 4 oclock, opening up, and then throwing his shoulder and rip that outside hip. As the offense comes through and rips the hip, he is going to throw his body right on his thighs. The thighs are the aim point. You can’t really cut too high, but you definitely do not want to cut too low. You don’t want to dive at the ankles because all the defensive lineman has to do is pick up his feet and he is right over you.

You want to practice this drill as a progression, with the offensive player starting on their knees with a tackling paddle. Once you have worked on the upper body motion, you will add in working on the rip from the stance.


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