There are two players on your offense who are going to touch the ball every play, no matter what. Your center, and your quarterback. And

Offensive Line Tips
Balanced Center Stance

while the job of the quarterback gets all the glory, the importance of a good center can never be understated.

They have two jobs: deliver the ball swiftly and accurately so that their quarterback can initiate the offense, and after immediately engaging in a block, like any other offensive linemen.

Proper technique cannot be stressed enough, from the actual hiking of the ball, to the first step off the line.

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Football Snap Technique


Your center should be well-balanced in his 3-point stance, ready to either charge forward, or pull out if that’s something that you ever need him to do.

His head should be up, analyzing the defensive line and linebackers, as his role is as the quarterback of the offensive line, and he needs to be able to call out the necessary adjustments should the defense send extra men on the blitz.

He should also have the ball stretched out as far in front of him as possible, increasing the size of the neutral zone, and pushing the defense further away from the offensive line.


Coaching Center
Run Block Technique

Your center should have the ball with his thumb right on the lace, so that as he hikes it back to the quarterback, it slips right into his hand, ready to be thrown, handed-off, or anything else that he needs to do with the football.

Getting Into The Block

Once the ball is hiked, remember to keep your hips low – that’s what is giving you all of your leverage in the block.

Your center should come up with his free hand, establishing inside hand position on the defender before he has a chance to react.

They should then explode forward with their first step, pushing their head into the chest of the defender, and driving them back.

If you’ve got great run blocking already, but need an extra pushing on the other side of the trenches, check out these defensive line drills!