To teach players how to quickly identify the open receiver and make an accurate pass

Set Up

  • Have the receivers spread out all over the field, and a quarterback at the line of scrimmage.
  • The QB will face out towards the WRs, while the WRs face the QB.
  • The coach will stand behind the QB as well.


  1. The QB will assign each WR a number before the play.
  2. The QB will drop back when he’s ready, and the Coach will hold up a number with his fingers.
  3. The player who’s number has been shown will put one hand up, while the rest of the receivers will put two hands up.
  4. The QB must then identify and make an accurate pass to the open receiver within 3 seconds.

Coaching Tips

  • If the QB is unable to locate the open man within 3 seconds, he must take off and run with the ball.
  • Once players have got the hang of this timing, instead of calling out the time, the Coach will simply blow the play dead after 4 seconds to indicate a sack has been taken.